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What sort of stories do you like to read? True stories? Tales about people, their struggles and achievements, their pain and joy? Reflections on life and things that are important to you? Stories that bring the past to life? Stories that make you laugh or cry?

Apparently, these are the kind of stories most of us read, like and share online. We are interested in life’s lessons, self-improvement, kids and parenting (and grand-parenting), meaningful relationships, food, local and family history, God and the meaning of life, ageing and mortality. My short story blog covers these topics and more!

My stories are based on my life experience and ongoing research, people I’ve met, places I’ve been and my family archives. I write about food in the context of family life and history. Some of my stories may touch you deeply. They reveal God’s providence and grace in my life and the lives of special others and the triumph of faith, hope and love over adversity and suffering. Others, like my food stories and recipes, and my “little gems”, pick up everyday themes, are practical and generally light-hearted.

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An unexpected visit: Rockhampton Mater Hospital and Kenmore House


In late August, I had the pleasure of an unexpected visit to the Rockhampton Mater Hospital’s historic Kenmore House. During this visit, unlike the last time I was there (May 2017), the building was open. I was free to go inside, savour the grandeur, and take photographs (most of which I share in this post). As my post reveals, the story of Kenmore and its owners is an integral part of Rockhampton’s history.

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