Miniature sketches, poems and anecdotes from my life and the life of significant others, to inspire, encourage or challenge.



The old treadle sewing machine

This story is about a sewing machine. An old treadle sewing machine. In fact, a sewing machine that’s nearly 120 years old! My story’s also about sewing, dressmaking and other sewing machines I have used and owned over the years. I learnt to sew from an early age. I must have been very young when […] Read more…

The old treadle sewing machine via @jsalecich

A surprise encounter

Do you believe in coincidences? Some people say that out-of-the-ordinary unplanned events happen just by chance. Others say they are due to fate (whatever they mean by that). I have heard it said that they are “God-incidences”. What do you think?   In 1946, William Proposch (my father) had a surprise encounter. It was so […] Read more…

A surprise encounter via @jsalecich

Staffroom antics

At Bundaberg State High School where my husband Tony was a teacher, he shared a staffroom with four other male teachers. They were all science teachers; a couple of them taught mathematics as well. Often, during breaks, they had lively discussions, which covered a whole range of topics – politics, religion, science, the nature of […] Read more…

Staffroom antics via @jsalecich