For love of bread: The Isisford Bakery

A funny thing happened when my husband Tony and I visited Isisford last year and Tony spied a bakery in the main street of this tiny remote Queensland town. Isisford is located in the Longreach Region of central western Queensland. It’s 117 km south of Longreach via the Isisford Ilfracombe Road, 123 km west of […] Read more…

For love of bread: The Isisford Bakery via @jsalecich

Christmas in Outback Queensland

Have you ever wondered how people in outback Queensland prepare for Christmas? How do they decorate their streets, buildings and homes, and with what? Where can they do their Christmas shopping? How and where do they worship? What is special about Christmastime in outback Queensland? Two weeks ago, in early December, my husband Tony and […] Read more…

Christmas in Outback Queensland via @jsalecich