Easter Sunday

Easter in Germany: The Easter Lamb Cake

The Easter lamb cake (in German “Osterlammkuchen”) is one of Germany’s enduring Easter symbols. Baking or purchasing a lamb cake and serving it on Easter Sunday is a tradition many German families have passed down from generation to generation.   Up until several years ago, I had never heard of a lamb cake. It was […] Read more…

Easter in Germany: The Easter Lamb Cake via @jsalecich

Easter in Jordan

In 2012, after spending Easter in Germany: Bavaria, my husband Tony and I travelled to Jordan, in the Middle East, where we celebrated Easter for a second time. That year, the Eastern and Orthodox Christian churches, following the Julian calendar, observed Easter one week later than the Western Christian churches. Easter in Jordan: What a […] Read more…

Easter in Jordan via @jsalecich

Easter in Germany: Bavaria

Several years ago, my husband Tony and I had the privilege of celebrating Easter twice: first in Bavaria, Germany, then one week later, in Jordan. This story is about our experience of Easter with our extended family in the southern German state of Bavaria in April 2012. We stayed with them for 11 days. During […] Read more…

Easter in Germany: Bavaria via @jsalecich