Pearl Barley Salad

This novel Pearl Barley Salad is light, nutritious and versatile. Additionally, it is super-easy to prepare. The lime juice dressing gives the dish a refreshing, tangy taste. You can serve the salad as an accompaniment to grilled chicken or grilled fish, or as a vegetarian option, on its own, with crusty bread. You’ll find my […] Read more…

Pearl Barley Salad via @jsalecich

Zeje: A healthy choice

Are you into healthy eating? Are you seeking an alternative to mashed potato, potato chips (potato fries if you are from the US) or salad as an accompaniment for grilled or fried fish? My suggestion: Try Zeje (or Zelje), a traditional dish from the Dalmatian region of Croatia that combines green vegetables and potatoes. It’s […] Read more…

Zeje: A healthy choice via @jsalecich