Weihnachten: Christmas in Germany

Advent traditions, Christmas markets, traditional German Christmas food, Christmas trees, stars and nativity scenes, Christmas Eve celebrations … and the cold! These are the things I remember most about Weihnachten, Christmas in Germany. At Christmastime in 2015 my husband Tony and I visited our family in Germany. We arrived in late November 2015, just before […] Read more…

Weihnachten: Christmas in Germany via @jsalecich

Easter in Germany: Bavaria

Several years ago, my husband Tony and I had the privilege of celebrating Easter twice: first in Bavaria, Germany, then one week later, in Jordan. This story is about our experience of Easter with our extended family in the southern German state of Bavaria in April 2012. We stayed with them for 11 days. During […] Read more…

Easter in Germany: Bavaria via @jsalecich