Weihnachten: Christmas in Germany

Advent traditions, Christmas markets, traditional German Christmas food, Christmas trees, stars and nativity scenes, Christmas Eve celebrations … and the cold! These are the things I remember most about Weihnachten, Christmas in Germany. At Christmastime in 2015 my husband Tony and I visited our family in Germany. We arrived in late November 2015, just before […] Read more…

Weihnachten: Christmas in Germany via @jsalecich

Snow Angels in Cottbus

My husband Tony and I arrived by train at Cottbus (Chósésbuz) at 12.40 pm on Tuesday 5 January. The outside temperature was -7 degrees Celcius and it was snowing. The sky was grey and visibility low in the dull light. Everywhere we looked the landscape was covered by a thick white blanket of snow. Tiny splashes […] Read more…

Snow Angels in Cottbus via @jsalecich