Easter in Germany: Sorbs, Wends and Easter eggs

Have you heard of the Sorbs or Wends? Who are they? What is unique about these people? How do they celebrate Easter? What is special about Sorbian (Wendish) Easter eggs? This story introduces you to the Sorbs (or Wends), their language and culture. It focuses on their Easter customs and traditions, especially colouring and decorating […] Read more…

Easter in Germany: Sorbs, Wends and Easter eggs via @jsalecich

Fail-Me-Never Steamed Pudding

This post, which features Fail-Me-Never Steamed Pudding, is all about puddings. It includes puddings my grandmother and mother made as well as my favourite puddings. Fail-Me-Never Steamed Pudding is one of my favourites (as you will discover). I remember my mother making it often during the winter months as a comforting warm dessert to end […] Read more…

Fail-Me-Never Steamed Pudding via @jsalecich